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Blockchain is not all of the meta universe
Blockchain is not all of the meta universe
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Due to the natural connection with the meta-universe, many people began to associate the meta-universe with the blockchain, and some even said that the meta-universe is an extended concept of the blockchain. If only this is the case, Meta Universe may not receive so much attention, and investment institutions will not favor it, especially in the context of capital dividend peaking.

Just simply equating the meta-universe with the blockchain, and even regard the meta-universe as a synonym for the blockchain, not only cannot promote the rapid development of the meta-universe, it will even bring the meta-universe into the blockchain. In…

What opportunities does 5G bring to ordinary people?
What opportunities does 5G bring to ordinary people?
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At the end of 2020, the number of 5G network users in China exceeded 160 million, accounting for approximately 89% of the total number of 5G users in the world.

Speaking of two topics, why should China vigorously develop 5G, and what opportunities does it bring to ordinary people?

Why should every country vigorously develop 5G?

The U.S. Internet leads the world and is inseparable from the “Information Superhighway” plan in the 1990s. In 1992, the United States spent 400 billion U.S. dollars to build a national information infrastructure. What is the concept of investing 400 billion U.S. dollars 29 years ago? The U.S. GDP was 6.5…

Ten major network development trends: How to stay ahead in 2021
Ten major network development trends: How to stay ahead in 2021
Photo by Kaleidico on Unsplash

Therefore, it becomes more difficult to run a Web project. Taking into account the development trend of technology, corporate chief technology officers (CTO) and product owners may be afraid to miss more opportunities. The high price paid by the wrong choice makes them feel scared, especially when developing or deploying large-scale projects.

This article will introduce some of the latest trends and technological innovations in network development, and discuss how to shorten development time, improve performance and security technology stack.

1. Choose the right infrastructure

Choosing the right infrastructure is essential for web development projects. Many factors should be considered in the evaluation and comparison…

What is the difference between XDR and MDR?
What is the difference between XDR and MDR?
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XDR (Extended Threat Detection and Response) is a hot word in the network security industry in recent years. It specifically refers to the expansion scheme used when the company’s existing defenses cannot cover a wide range of threat attack vectors.

In short, XDR includes at least two or more types of threat detection. Because the threats faced by enterprises may come from desktops, Web, SaaS applications, cloud providers, etc., multiple detection functions are required to protect the enterprise’s systems.

In the article “The SOC of the “Poor” XDR Faces Three Challenges “, we refer to XDR as the “SOC of…

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Automated network security defense can quickly and accurately identify and respond to threats, and the prospects are very attractive. A survey by the Ponemon Institute found that the average cost of a data breach has reached 3.86 million US dollars, and the average detection and control time has also been fixed at 280 days, which has not been shortened at all. It can be said that companies are looking forward to any system that can reduce these numbers. Therefore, it is not surprising that artificial intelligence (AI) and other automated defense technologies are rapidly spreading.

Cybercriminals and other hackers can…

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However, in the cognition and understanding of big data, one point must be clarified: “big data” does not mean “multiple data”. Data integration and function integration improve the accuracy and reliability of information, so that data can truly play a role and generate value.

There is a view that the “big” of big data is that the more the better, and the quantity to win. But in fact, it’s not. The “big” of big data has nothing to do with the size, but the level of energy, that is, the “processing ability” of the data. Although big data played an…

Photo by Sergey Zolkin on Unsplash

Many companies are now able to respond to and deal with known cybersecurity threats well, and dealing with unknown threats will make their business operations more resilient.

Can the cyber security market truly protect the billions of IoT devices that connect and transmit data through the Internet of Things? This is a key issue, and the basic understanding that people trust IoT devices that are closely related to work and life emphasizes this point. .

More importantly, more and more IoT devices are connected to the cloud, and more directly use cloud-based storage to create new attack channels for cyber…

What is big data? How to use big data analysis to predict future events? Will it disrupt the software market? People need a complete guide to predictive analytics and big data.

Photo by Franki Chamaki on Unsplash

Does the company want to strengthen and expand its own business? Or develop products? It would be great if there is a plan of where to start. If not, some analysis should be done. Big data analysis helps companies obtain potential user data, process data, clean up data, and obtain valuable output. …

Photo by Hitesh Choudhary on Unsplash

Advances in deep learning and neural networks have made great breakthroughs in natural language processing and computer vision, and they have the potential to solve major problems in manufacturing, retail, supply chain, agriculture, and countless other business areas. Of course, behind some of the most important innovations are technology startups.

In a recent article, we looked at startups that revolutionized natural language processing and startups that are leading the way in the field of Mlops. Here, we will look at “applied artificial intelligence” startups. These companies are applying different technologies — whether processing images, text, audio, video, classified or tabular…

Photo by Bram Van Oost on Unsplash

Transforming ethics into mathematical equations:

  • Do nothing, let the train run over the five people in accordance with the normal route.
  • Pull down the joystick and change to another track, making the train pass the person on the other track.

This is the famous experiment in ethics-the “Trolley problem” (Trolley problem).

For the eventual introduction of autonomous vehicles on public roads, the technical perspective is only one aspect. Another very important problem is that in some scenarios, autonomous vehicles will have to make moral choices that are also very difficult for humans.

In an inevitable car collision, how should the self-driving car choose the forward…

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