With the increasing awareness of the global market, most organizations consider adopting cloud computing solutions to reduce costs and shorten the time to market. Other standards of cloud computing (such as performance, security, compliance, workload and how to integrate) become more relevant to the existing operating environment. Understanding the global cloud computing deployment profile is also an equally important consideration.

Now may be the time to consider why having a global cloud computing footprint is so important. Here are 10 good reasons:

1. Follow data sovereignty, privacy laws and local regulations

If data sovereignty, privacy laws, and local regulations are…

In recent years, cloud computing technology has developed rapidly. Industry experts predict that cloud computing will be more widely used in the next few years, and the global cloud computing market is also expected to reach a new high. In 2021, cloud computing will continue to be the basic goal of companies seeking to improve scalability, business continuity, and cost-effectiveness. This article shows the top ten cloud computing development trends in 2021.

The global public cloud infrastructure market will reach $120 billion

According to data from Forrester Research, the global public cloud infrastructure market will grow by 35% in 2021…

From a practitioner's perspective, I often see the need for computing to be more available and distributed. When I started to integrate the Internet of Things with OT and IT systems, the first problem I faced was that the amount of data sent by the device to our server was too large. I work in a factory automation scene, we integrate 400 sensors, these sensors send 3 sets of data every 1 second.

Data problem

Most of the sensor data generated is completely useless after 5 seconds.

We have 400 sensors, multiple gateways, multiple processes, and multiple systems, and we…

Regardless of changes in technological trends, security has always been the focus of an organization's IT department. Industry experts believe that predicting security trends will never become obsolete. No matter how the development trend changes, security is an eternal topic and has no end.

Security trends are often a mixture of "old" events (such as phishing scams and malware) and "new" events (such as the widespread impact of the coronavirus epidemic on organizations and individuals). This is the case in 2020 and it will be the same in 2021.

Many IT and security leaders shared their insights and expectations for…

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  • Initiative to utilize the Battleground State Legislative Assembly
  • Pressure to send self-supported electoral college to the meeting
  • Republican lawmakers in the two states did not respond to his call

The crisis is not over with the results of the US elections. President Donald Trump has yet to claim victory. This is not where he stops. Proving the fears true, Republican-controlled legislatures in several states known as Battlegrounds are urging action to change the outcome of the election.

As usual, Trump said without any evidence, ‘Why is Joe Biden trying to form a cabinet so quickly, when my investigators have found…

Don’t miss these 8 useful open source reporting tools
Don’t miss these 8 useful open source reporting tools

1. Metabase

It has tens of thousands of stars on GitHub and is suitable for business personnel. It has a beautiful interface, simple installation and a great experience. However, there are only 12 data sources supported. Hive and Kylin are not supported. Only 14 chart types are supported, which is less than superset. However, there are many options for visualization of charts, flexible settings, and many data formats. You can create collections, manage charts, kanban boards, and timed tasks in groups. There is a simple chart drill function that cannot be complex linkage. …

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Before 5G replaces 4G, maybe all the imagination about the future of AI is just empty talk. The cruel reality is that the cost problem of 5G has made the optimistic estimation of major technology from the media that “5G is here” has become a delayed satisfaction that cannot be widely commercialized.

On September 8, 2020, the first round of the Olympic Games “Ying’s Cup” in the Go world kicked off. Unlike previous offline chess, due to the epidemic, the first three rounds of games rely on the Internet to play games.

What makes everyone stunned is that the artificial…

Algorithms alone are not enough: AI breaks through the next stop and needs to re-examine the hardware
Algorithms alone are not enough: AI breaks through the next stop and needs to re-examine the hardware
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Today’s artificial intelligence has a very important problem: it is too expensive. The cost of training a modern computer vision model Resnet-152 is about 10 billion floating point operations, which pales in comparison to modern language models.

Training OpenAI’s latest natural language model GPT-3 is expected to cost 3000 trillion floating-point operations, of which the cost on commercial GPUs is at least US$5 million. In contrast, the human brain can recognize faces, answer questions, and drive a car with just a cup of coffee.

How do we do it?

We have made great progress.

The first batch of computers had…

4 key questions to ask before starting an artificial intelligence project
4 key questions to ask before starting an artificial intelligence project
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Nowadays, more and more companies are starting to start artificial intelligence projects, but some projects have not been successful. Before starting to implement the first artificial intelligence project, companies need to understand some key issues.

According to a survey conducted by the research organization Gartner, companies’ implementation of artificial intelligence projects is expected to double this year. By the end of 2020, 40% of companies will deploy artificial intelligence projects. Such statistics will put pressure on the CIOs of other companies, because their corporate executives want to know why they are not innovating in this field.

There is a cruel…

Artificial intelligence and machine learning: a new blueprint for the financial technology industry
Artificial intelligence and machine learning: a new blueprint for the financial technology industry
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Companies are not taking full advantage of artificial intelligence and machine learning.

There is no doubt that artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) are becoming hot topics in the financial technology industry. In almost all seminars and conferences, we heard news about the rise of these emerging technologies and their potential to disrupt business.

Obviously, artificial intelligence and machine learning are the blueprints on which the financial technology industry relies. …

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