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Friends often report that their mobile phones are always in a “high temperature” state. “Like holding a piece of burning charcoal, I worry about being burned”

Is your phone hot ? Let’s look at some phone cooling tips.
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Reduce program power consumption

When running more or larger programs, such as games, it will cause the CPU to overload, and the current heating effect will cause the phone to heat up. At this time, you only need to clean up these background programs.

Turn on power saving mode

Turn on the “low battery mode”, the system will intelligently…

The popularity of the meta universe is not accidental. Whether in the investment circle or in the industry circle, we have seen the presence of Meta Universe. “Meta Universe+” has become a brand new outlet.

Blockchain is not all of the meta universe
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Due to the natural connection with the meta-universe, many people began to associate the meta-universe with the blockchain, and some even said that the meta-universe is an extended concept of the blockchain. …

2019 is the first year of 5G. On June 6, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology in China issued four 5G licenses. On October 31, the three major operators officially launched 5G commercial use.

What opportunities does 5G bring to ordinary people?
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At the end of 2020, the number of 5G network users in China exceeded 160 million, accounting for approximately 89% of the total number of 5G users in the world.

Speaking of two topics, why should China vigorously develop 5G, and what opportunities does it bring to ordinary people?

Why should every country vigorously develop 5G?


Due to the outbreak of the new crown epidemic, many companies now conduct business through the Internet and cloud platforms and remain competitive in the market. This shift in working methods has intensified the competition between technical solutions, including programming languages ​​and frameworks.

Ten major network development trends: How to stay ahead in 2021
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Therefore, it becomes more difficult to run a Web project. Taking into account the development trend of technology, corporate chief technology officers (CTO) and product owners may be afraid to miss more opportunities. …

In other words, MDR can be understood as managed XDR. Therefore, corporate security team members do not have to purchase their own intelligence sources, and the solution is more than just a tool.

What is the difference between XDR and MDR?
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XDR (Extended Threat Detection and Response) is a hot word in the network security industry in recent years. It specifically refers to the expansion scheme used when the company’s existing defenses cannot cover a wide range of threat attack vectors.

In short, XDR includes at least two or more types…

Cybercriminals and other hackers can also use the same technology or manipulate automated systems adopted by enterprises. Because these technologies are immature, or ordinary IT departments don’t know much about them, it also leaves the possibility of conflicts between misconfigurations and overlapping systems.

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Automated network security defense can quickly and accurately identify and respond to threats, and the prospects are very attractive. A survey by the Ponemon Institute found that the average cost of a data breach has reached 3.86 million US dollars, and the average detection and control time has also been…

Close-connected crowd locking, epidemic mapping, food safety traceability, intelligent traffic dispatch…In epidemic prevention and control and urban governance, the role of big data has become increasingly prominent.

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However, in the cognition and understanding of big data, one point must be clarified: “big data” does not mean “multiple data”. Data integration and function integration improve the accuracy and reliability of information, so that data can truly play a role and generate value.

There is a view that the…

Can the cybersecurity market truly protect the billions of IoT devices that connect and transmit data through the Internet of Things? This is a key issue, and the basic understanding that people trust IoT devices that are closely related to work and life emphasizes this point. .

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Many companies are now able to respond to and deal with known cybersecurity threats well, and dealing with unknown threats will make their business operations more resilient.

Can the cyber security market truly protect the billions of IoT devices that connect and transmit data through the Internet of Things? This…

Deep learning is solving challenging problems in different industries such as retail, manufacturing, and agriculture. These companies are in a leading position.

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Advances in deep learning and neural networks have made great breakthroughs in natural language processing and computer vision, and they have the potential to solve major problems in manufacturing, retail, supply chain, agriculture, and countless other business areas. Of course, behind some of the most important innovations are technology startups.

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