Blockchain Is Falling Into The New Trap Of “Technology First”

Blockchain Is Falling Into The New Trap Of “Technology First”

I always believe that applications are the essential meaning of blockchain. It is precisely because of the application that we will recognize and discover the existence and great role of blockchain in digital currency. This will give people the illusion that issuance of coins or ICO is the only and effective application of blockchain.

Therefore, when the trend of blockchain opens, we see the advent of a new entrepreneurial wave represented by currency issuance or ICO.

However, later developments tell us that only for issuing coins or ICO’s, the so-called blockchain technology will not be able to achieve healthy development, but will also enter a dead end.

The chaos in industries such as air currency and leek cutting was born under this background.

This phenomenon made me think about the relationship between blockchain and currency issuance, what is a reasonable and correct blockchain application, and how to use it to maximize the function and effect of blockchain.

If we want to get the right answer, we still have to return to Bitcoin.

Because it is precisely because of the emergence of Bitcoin that people think that issuing coins or ICOs are deeply bound to the blockchain.

On the surface, Bitcoin is not much different from other types of digital currencies, and they are all types of digital currencies.

If we observe carefully, we will find that there are still big differences and connections between Bitcoin and other digital currencies.

What needs to be clear is that I don’t think there is much difference between Bitcoin and other digital currencies in terms of blockchain technology, because purely technically, there is really little difference between Bitcoin and other digital currencies. Some digital currencies are even more advanced in technology than Bitcoin.

Especially when the players shifted their development focus to technology research and development, we saw the emergence of more unusually advanced blockchain technologies.

Therefore, we can’t help asking, since Bitcoin is not technically different from other digital currencies, why has Bitcoin been so popular and has become a worldwide digital currency?

The author believes that the advanced nature of Bitcoin lies in the “thought” itself.

It is precisely because of this “thought” gap that Bitcoin can become Bitcoin itself, while other digital currencies can only be reduced to air coins and become tools for harvesting leeks.

Therefore, when the supervision of the blockchain comes, when more and more people begin to shift the focus of development to the blockchain technology itself, in fact, they are falling into a new vicious circle.

Blindly focus on the research of blockchain technology, instead of updating the iterative blockchain ideas, even the most advanced blockchain technology still cannot find a reasonable and effective blockchain application, and it is even more unable to play the role of blockchain. Essential meaning.

This is the fundamental reason why people feel that the blockchain is cold and unpredictable.

To maximize the function and role of the blockchain and recreate a phenomenon-level application similar to Bitcoin, what we really should do is not just the R&D and innovation of blockchain technology in a simple sense. The opening and innovation of the “chain thinking” of chain technology is the key to truly breaking the development bottleneck of the blockchain industry.

However, the current blockchain players have plunged into a technical dead end, just blindly doing research on blockchain technology, instead of thinking about how to jump out of the established vicious circle of their own thoughts, and finally let the blockchain Technology is just technology itself, lacking the bridge between technology and application.

Libra’s situation has told us that it is just a technology leader, without the idea of ​​updating and iterating the blockchain, even if it is a leading technology, it can only be regarded as a technology.

Other than that, it is meaningless.

The so-called block chain idea is not just to use the block chain idea to solve the pain points and problems that the Internet technology cannot solve in the current industry development process, but to jump out of the limitations of the industry and truly let the block chain be regarded as It is a general benefit to the general public and activates the existence of the public.

From this logic point of view, the blockchain is still fundamentally different from new technologies such as big data, cloud computing, and artificial intelligence. Because these new technologies are only to solve the problems of industry development, they will not pay too much attention to the roles and roles played by individuals or the public. As long as they can solve the pain points and problems of industry development, the mission of the new technology will be declared complete. .

Blockchain is different.

The industry applications that we often see now with blockchain technology as the starting point are just the beginning. After completing the transformation and upgrading of the industry, how to construct a brand-new governance system that activates and benefits the general public is the real The function and role of blockchain technology is maximized.

From this perspective, the application of blockchain technology in food traceability, copyright protection, financial risk control and other fields that we are now seeing is just the beginning.

When the basic application of blockchain technology is completed, we still have to rely on the innovation of blockchain ideas to construct a new governance system that is different from the traditional and the Internet. Under this new governance system, the function and role of the blockchain can be maximized.

The advent of a new era of development represented by “blockchain + industry” only saw the beginning, but did not really grasp the essence. It is foreseeable that under the guidance of this development logic, the function and role of the blockchain cannot be maximized.

Only the application of blockchain technology in the industry can be regarded as a beginning. When this stage is completed, we will extend the blockchain technology to more scenarios through the innovation of blockchain ideas, and finally construct a participation The new governance system governed by everyone is the ultimate meaning of blockchain applications.

In essence, Bitcoin and other digital currencies also have this difference.

Bitcoin is just a new form of currency based on blockchain technology, and the fundamental reason why Bitcoin is so popular is not in this new form of currency, but in this new form of currency. The function and effect of the overturning and reshaping of the traditional financial system triggered by the currency form.

In contrast to other digital currencies, they only derive new digital currencies with the help of technology, but they have not really constructed a complete and orderly operating system, and ultimately turned the application of blockchain into a semi-simple project.

The essential meaning and function of the so-called blockchain has not been brought into full play.

When the supervision of the blockchain market continues, the new development model represented by technology research and development and landing seems to be the only political correctness.

As a result, more and more people began to devote themselves to the research and development of blockchain technology;

As a result, more and more people are beginning to apply blockchain technology to different industries and scenarios.

On the surface, this development model is fundamentally different from issuing coins or ICOs in a pure sense.

However, if only these applications of blockchain, which are only limited to certain industries or scenarios, are regarded as the entire application of blockchain, it will undoubtedly greatly limit the function and role of blockchain.

This is the fundamental reason why the current blockchain industry is encountering difficulties.

In essence, the application of technology is only the beginning, and the application of thought is the ultimate destination.

When we build a brand-new governance system and operating mechanism based on the idea of ​​blockchain, we can truly grasp the essence of blockchain applications and find the true direction of blockchain development.

However, the actual development is showing us a very clear new picture:

Blockchain is falling into the new trap of “technology first”.

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