How Does Artificial Intelligence Become An “IQ Tester”?

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Before 5G replaces 4G, maybe all the imagination about the future of AI is just empty talk. The cruel reality is that the cost problem of 5G has made the optimistic estimation of major technology from the media that “5G is here” has become a delayed satisfaction that cannot be widely commercialized.

On September 8, 2020, the first round of the Olympic Games “Ying’s Cup” in the Go world kicked off. Unlike previous offline chess, due to the epidemic, the first three rounds of games rely on the Internet to play games.

What makes everyone stunned is that the artificial intelligence that started with Go has not been able to give special preferential treatment to the Internet. In the first round of the game, many players made mistakes that did not match their identities. And this can be avoided through AI settings and platform optimization.

The place of fame of artificial intelligence not only failed to be favored by technology, but was tripped by technology in front of the most important world game in the field of Go so far, which is a huge irony.

Since Google published Alpha Go’s papers, Go AI has sprung up like mushrooms. Unfortunately, no AI can break through Google’s technology. In addition to the change in mentality and the determination to learn again, the Go world has not made much more useful contributions to AI.

This means that artificial intelligence has not been able to find a suitable commercial path in the place where it was born, let alone the field outside of Go?

But “smart” businessmen do not rely on technology and value. The biggest secret of business has always been to create demand, even if this demand does not actually exist. Although AI has surpassed the victory and defeat of Go, it is difficult to gnaw the world after the victory and defeat, but the business has already stood at the intersection, waiting for the white rabbits who have not seen the road to cast the net.

Pull the AI ​​banner to make traditional tiger skin

“This pair of shoes can help short people effectively increase their height. The insole has strong magnetism to promote blood circulation. There are also bouncing balls. Taking one step is equivalent to the effect of jumping 2 meters!”. At the beginning of the 21st century, a self-deception scam opened the prelude to the game between advertising merchants and the public IQ.

But I didn’t expect that 20 years have passed, but humanity has not changed. The question of height no longer exists. Instead, the AI ​​composed of silicon-based wisdom has created too many unrealistic imaginations for human beings.

After Alpha Go swept the pinnacle of human intelligence, everyone including capital is exclaiming that the era of strong artificial intelligence may soon come.

Regrettably, although almost all Internet giants in China have rushed to the opening of AI, Baidu still cannot stop being overtaken by rookies; Byte still has no way of avoiding the homogeneity of content in the middle and late stages of the feed stream; Tencent still cannot Avoid the risk of recharging money in games; even the food delivery industry is shrouded in the shadow of delivery workers trapped in the system.

The big giants have their own unspeakable concealment, and the arrival of AI seems to be unable to do anything for it.

But emerging companies that have received capital’s favor have learned how to do things lightly. For all products, as long as the word “AI” is added, and then a set of pain points flow chart is logically closed, financing can be easily obtained, but the results are surprising.

According to data from iiMedia Research, China’s artificial intelligence field raised a total of 131.1 billion yuan in 2018, a growth rate of more than 100%. All companies with a certain level of research and funding regard it as “the latest technological revolution that may come” and follow closely.

According to the “Beijing Artificial Intelligence Industry Development White Paper (2018)” issued by the Beijing Municipal Commission of Economy and Information Technology, as of the end of 2018, there were 4,040 artificial intelligence companies nationwide, and only 30% of companies received venture capital. The remaining 70% can hardly escape the embarrassment of being buried in the soil.

From 100% growth to the collapse of most of the enterprises, in just one year, capital has disappeared at the speed of sight. If an industry needs capital to make such sacrifices, one can still lament the greatness of capital. But the truth of the facts is often the lucky one that knows nothing about it.

Capital loses its sense, greed loses its fence, 2018 is an era when even bras can be implanted with artificial intelligence, and gimmicks are flying all over the sky, making capital happy.

At that time, Kai-Fu Lee, who had not yet established a collapse, had a conclusion on the craziness of those years: “This is a very abnormal phenomenon. Every entrepreneur must package AI, and every investor must engage in AI projects. The bubble in the smart field is particularly serious.”

Business has always been a stream that dingdong down, it will follow the trend. Since then, although the investment in AI has gradually calmed down, the concept of AI can always appear in front of the public with a more refined image, and it will also wash out large areas of bubbles at corners. Some people will be fascinated by it for a short time, but forget that wherever you turn, there must be an abyss.

AI anxiety, fear of being dominated by two generations

Luo Fatty, who had just been ridiculed by the group in “The Story of Wonderful Flowers”, slightly relieved the long-depressed anxiety, and the Python tutorials flooded by major public accounts, short video platforms, and consulting media have also made struggling young people. Feeling “stressful”.

“It used to be knowledge anxiety, now it is programming anxiety.” Classmate He, who has been floating in Nanjing for 3 years, laughed at himself.

Python does have requirements in the employment market, and it has a certain competitive advantage when applying.

According to the requirements of 100 jobs except IT industry randomly selected including Boss Direct Employment, Chitu, 58 and other platforms. There are no mandatory requirements for programming languages, but there are 23 jobs with bonus points, most of which are related to corporate data and marketing planning.

According to the “2018 Recruitment Market Supply and Demand Report” released by, the Internet/e-commerce industry occupies the top position in terms of job demand, with more than 1.5 million job postings from January to October.

Jobs such as big data development/analysis, image recognition algorithm engineer, AI artificial intelligence and related field engineers all present a gap of more than 70% of job supply and demand, and annual salary is gradually rising; employers’ demand for low-end talents decreases, such as web front-end development, Software testing was reduced by 25% and 18% respectively.

The increasing demand for high-end talents and the gradual narrowing of entry barriers for low-end workers ultimately affects that all walks of life want to take a share of AI and drive the efficiency of enterprises.

Even the simple tasks of finding data, sorting out data, and analyzing data in traditional industries can’t wait to be completed by an operator who knows how to program. Python has become popular in this environment.

It used to be said that “in the 21st century, people who do not understand computers are illiterate.” Nowadays, they have put forward higher requirements, “If you don’t understand programs, they are illiterate.” But the reality may not be the case. Most Chinese companies’ business is not complicated enough to require Programming to solve. Capital has pricked the pain points of a generation, and it also requires a generation of self-reflection. Does this pain point really exist?

Coincidentally, when adults are forced by AI to learn a new language again, the children’s programming and Go education awakened by the strong winds of AI also cast their fiery eyes on the green youth. Some organizations are good at giving play to their unique imaginations and injecting crazy chicken blood into the future of AI.

However, programming and Go have a certain IQ threshold, and professional talents are always scarce. Whether it is children’s programming or Go, the talents who truly understand and can put into practice are always front-line programmers, developers, professional chess players, and teenagers.

The education diversion caused by the blowout of the industry will eventually be paid for by the overall professionalism of the industry. In the fields of children’s programming and Go, it is no longer a secret that teachers teach their children while teaching themselves.

With a small schoolbag on his back, he is expected to be the next Zuckerberg Chinese child, and he is carrying the undesirable lament of the wonderful picture of parents being rendered by capital.

Wanjin Oil AI, a new commercial outfit

“This game is too difficult, I can’t tell.” Such words as arrogant as Ke Jie have increased recently.

In fact, after the AI ​​came out, the chess players became very humble, even if they had a very definite selection and calculation to match it, they were reluctant to say it early.

“I’m afraid of being picked out by the computer.” This has become a recognized fact in the Go circle.

In the AI ​​era of Go, all computers are king, and human perception has been downgraded to another level. As for business, you can best taste the difference and use it to make a gorgeous outfit for yourself.

In drugstores on the streets and in parks in the afternoon, people wearing masks and carrying a seemingly high-end computer equipment often set up a long table to measure the trace elements lacking in the body for the elderly for free.

This tester, known as “equipped with the latest American AI technology”, has a sci-fi interface and high-end texture. The printed report data is detailed, just like an inspection report made by a large-scale equipment in a tertiary hospital.

“A machine costs tens of thousands.” A staff member said.

When a healthy reporter tried the test, the abnormal values ​​of multiple elements caused the reporter to question.

“This is computer data, it knows you better than you.”

This device is just a numerical manufacturing machine that can freely set parameters and issue results at will, and has nothing to do with the tester. Even if the port of the machine is connected to a lifeless mouse, a test report with detailed data will be issued.

But “it knows you better than you” is enough to deceive a large number of elderly people.

This is not an isolated case.

After visiting the major shopping malls, you will magically find that the price of the same product will increase exponentially as long as it is slightly connected with “artificial intelligence”, “AI”, “smart chip”, etc.

Take daily necessities as an example. The same is a fan. A fan with smart fresh air technology is 200–500 yuan more expensive than an ordinary fan.

After in-depth understanding of the business, the so-called smart deodorization is just adding a piece of perfume to the fan, and the so-called smart control is just the simplest LCD screen with the function of displaying the remaining paste.

“Is this deceit?”

“This is just packaging, whether it is AI or not, in short, it is indeed effective for fresh air.”

Not only the cleverness of individual merchants, but even Google, the “father of Alpha Go,” has fallen into the Rashomon of “AI packaging”.

In 2019, Google developed the artificial intelligence Duplex. This artificial intelligence claims to be able to help users make phone reservations for restaurants.

Anti-counterfeiting followed. According to the survey, about 25% of calls made through Duplex were made by humans, and 15% of the remaining 75% would be subject to human intervention. Google’s AI myth is instantly smeared with black spots that are difficult to remove.

Also in 2019, the star company Engineer.AI, which has gained capital and glaucoma, was exposed to use code farmers as artificial intelligence. As soon as the news came out, public opinion raged, and discussions about artificial intelligence returned to the origin of business integrity.

What is the most profitable business in the Internet age?

Perhaps the AI ​​chaos in recent years can give an answer from a certain perspective. Hype up false concepts, create false demands, and create unnecessary anxiety. From “Diamond Forever” to “Life One” to “Quantum Reading”, AI firmly grasped the winning essence of all the predecessors along the way, and created its own “business road.”

It is obvious that this path is deviating from the original intention of AI. Before the arrival of real artificial intelligence, AI may continue to be questioned by the outside world, and the magical steps of business may be the dance of destruction that drove AI to its end.

Will artificial intelligence be ruined by business gimmicks? This is a question and an answer.

But the IQ of many people is really not enough.

Freelancer Blogger and Writer. I am now studying CSE at Chengdu University Of Technology. Feel free to contact with me.

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