Trump’s new pressure to reverse the election results

There is no precedent for Trump’s call on Republican lawmakers to vote for him. Georgia has already officially announced the results of the election. The results from Michigan and Pennsylvania are also on the verge of being officially announced

The case against Trump:

According to the lawsuit, an organization called the Michigan Welfare Rights Organization and three individuals have filed a lawsuit against Trump for obstructing the approval of the Michigan election results and requesting the court to restrain Trump from pressuring lawmakers.

The lawsuit alleges that Trump violated Section 11 (b) of the 1975 suffrage law. President Trump is pressuring his party, state and local officials to approve the results of the Michigan vote

This time in Michigan, voting ‘certification’ has been postponed

Fraud in the face, in reality there is no evidence:

Trump has lost in state courts seeking legal intervention over several state vote certification closures. A new request for a vote count in the state of Georgia has been made from the Trump camp

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