What Is An IoT Gateway And How To Ensure Its Security?

What Is An IoT Gateway And How To Ensure Its Security?

Logistics companies need a lot of vehicles that are tracked using IoT devices. The production lines in manufacturing plants also require IoT devices and sensors to measure the performance of production and machines. Use IoT devices and sensors to measure inventory and tell the production line speed based on this data.

There are many things that cannot be seen with the naked eye. At this time, the IoT gateway plays a role. Devices communicate with each other through various networks (such as Wi-Fi, Ethernet, Z-Wave or ZigBee) using various protocols. Sensors that communicate with the cloud and even the cloud communicate with key systems. Everything is overwhelming, and the IoT gateway solves many of the challenges faced by this outdated model.

What is an IoT gateway device?

IoT gateway devices bridge the communication gap between IoT devices, sensors, devices, systems, and the cloud. By systematically connecting the field and the cloud, IoT gateway devices provide local processing and storage solutions, and can autonomously control field devices based on sensor input data.

The edge gateway is located at the intersection of the edge system between the external system and the local ecosystem, which is located between the external Internet and the local. Therefore, it is a key access point for the internal and external network connections of the device ecosystem.

How do IoT gateway devices work?

As the capabilities and demands of devices proliferate, it is often impossible to make them communicate directly with the system. Some sensors and controllers do not support energy-intensive protocols such as Wi-Fi or Bluetooth. Certain devices aggregate data, so the raw form of data is overwhelmed and priceless, and they are all connected to various public and private networks.

From converting protocols to encrypting, processing, managing, and filtering data, IoT gateways perform multiple key functions. In an IoT ecosystem, the gateway is located between devices and sensors, and can communicate with the cloud.

Why use IoT gateway devices?

IoT gateways help bridge the gap between operations and IT infrastructure within the enterprise. They achieve this goal by optimizing system performance by operating data collected and processed in real time on site or at the edge of the network.

IoT gateways can perform many enhancements on OT and IT islands:

  • High scalability-They can obtain intelligent data from the data center or cloud and push it to the field or the edge of the network.
  • Reduce costs-Endpoint devices do not need such high processing power, memory or storage capacity, because the gateway can do all this work for them.
  • Faster production-accelerated and more advanced production lines can greatly shorten the time to market.
  • Reduce telecom costs-Less M2M communication means smaller network and (WAN) traffic.
  • Mitigation of risk — Gateways can isolate poorly performing equipment before equipment and sensors cause greater problems to the production line.

Increase the security layer

As the number of devices and sensors increases, the number of communications through a combination of public and private networks will also increase. Therefore, the “things”, the communication between the gateway and the cloud must be secure to prevent any data tampering or unrestricted access.

Assuming that you have a tool to manage all device certificates, you need a gateway to help the upload of the intermediate device (certificate installation and identity provision).

Live update

Imagine if you find a loophole in the device, or notice that one of the sensors tells you that the warehouse is too hot. Without a gateway device, manual repair will be necessary, but the computing power of the device and sensor is too small to perform such tasks on its own. With a gateway, the data will be sent to the gateway, and the gateway is configured to send firmware updates to all devices (ie smart ventilation valves) when the data shows that the warehouse temperature is too high.

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