What is stomatitis? What are the symptoms and what are the remedy?


STOMATITIS — An English word meaning inflammation of the cavity. The Greek word “Stoma” means “Mouth” and “Itis” means Inflammations. Stomatitis means Inflammation of the mouth. Inflammation of the mucous membrane of the oral cavity is called stomatitis. Inflammation can occur on the tongue inside the throat, gums and lips. Stomatitis is more common in young people. Often occurs between the ages of 10–19.

Stomatitis is a sore or sore on the inside of the mouth or sores or sores, such as on the inside of the lips or tongue, gums and chin. Stomatitis is seen for a variety of reasons and its presence causes discomfort inside the mouth. This causes problems in eating, sleeping and talking.

kinds Of Stomatitis:

Cold sore or herpes stomatitis: It is an infectious type, which mainly causes fluid-filled wounds and sores and problems such as inflammation and softness.

Cancer sore or aphthous stomatitis: Cancer sore is a yellowish or pale or reddish ulcer inside the mouth for which it is difficult to speak and eat.

Severe oral discomfort is another type of stomatitis, which can be due to a variety of reasons.


  1. In the case of cold sores, stomatitis is caused by the herpes simplex virus.
  2. Infection with Candida albicans causes stomatitis.
  3. Lack of nutrition is one of the main reasons.
  4. Stomatitis can be caused by someone having sharp or broken teeth and having misplaced dental apparatus.
  5. Gum disease causes stomatitis inside the mouth.
  6. Eating hypersensitive foods, chewing tobacco, smoking, eating hot food and drinks causes stomatitis.
  7. Stomatitis is caused by chemotherapy or therapeutic radiation or epilepsy, the medicated treatment of rheumatoid arthritis.
  8. Surgical trauma Causes Stomatitis.
  9. Dry mouth causes stomatitis.
  10. Stomatitis can be caused by severe or persistent bites on the lips, tongue or chin.


Difficulty eating, swallowing and talking are the main complications of stomatitis. Discomfort sometimes leads to sleep problems. Pain, bad breath and bleeding from the mouth at any time cause enough problems.


Doctors initially diagnose the disease from mouth sores or sores. Diagnosis of stomatitis involves a variety of signs and symptoms such as dry mouth or white sores formed in the mouth due to Candida albicans or other oral infections. To confirm the diagnosis and other causes of stomatitis, the doctor may recommend a blood test or a swab test or a patch test. Tissue scraping method biopsy is performed to rule out other causes of stomatitis.


Because it is possible to completely cure stomatitis through prevention. Adherence to oral hygiene, avoidance of hypersensitive foods, proper nutrition, smoking cessation, and dehydration can all be cured. In many cases, however, stomatitis requires medical treatment. A variety of drugs are used in the treatment.


The doctor may recommend antiseptic mouthwash for the treatment of stomatitis. A variety of medications are used to treat stomatitis, such as:

  1. Acetaminophen to reduce pain and fever.
  2. Although lidocaine is used for severe pain, it causes itching or discomfort.
  3. In herpes stomatitis, the anti-viral drug acyclovir is used.
  4. Oral steroids are rarely given if the cancer core ruptures enough.
  5. Benzocaine is used for large wounds.

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