Why Use Linux?

Computer, Science and Engineering those three are very heavy Words. Many people do not want to call the word computer heavy though. Computers have to be used in almost everything in daily work. As a result, it is no longer a special device. We use computers to make our daily tasks easier, faster and more accurate. To us, the computer is just a simple ‘tool’ to do different things. But for a computer science student, a computer is not just a ‘tool’ of ordinary work. Must have a thorough knowledge of his computer. For this he has to understand the computer, he has to know how the computer does any work. He has a deep idea about hardware and software.

Microsoft Windows is the most popular operating system among ordinary users. Windows was created for general desktop users. Microsoft has therefore not been able to make Windows as useful for programming as it has been for general use of the desktop. That is not very easy to do. The reason is its structure. If there is a problem, Windows will show a hexadecimal error code, not any detailed information. As a result, the user does not know what the problem is. Again, Windows Diagnosis solves many problems on its own. As a result, the user no longer knows what the real problem was and how it was solved. Ordinary users don’t even need to know it. But it is important for a student studying computer science to know this.

Linux, on the other hand, is open to everyone from the very beginning. Its all open. Anyone can view any part of the system. Anyone can learn how the Linux operating system interacts with different devices or receives signals through them. Just as a doctor knows all the details of a patient’s body, a computer science student also needs to know all the details of computer hardware and software (operating system). Linux provides this opportunity. Now no one will get the kernel of Windows even with a few billion dollars. The Linux kernel, however, can be viewed at any time by anyone with an Internet connection, can be modified, used at will, or given to others.

Software developers, who like to do everything on their own, are usually interested to know the details about everything. This interest is important for a computer science student. A programmer reads code written by others several times more than he writes code in his lifetime. Since almost everything in Linux is open source, the computer science student can learn everything by looking at everything inside it, reading the code, and even changing it if he wants to.

The word security is so prevalent these days that it is hard to say. In this age of the internet, it is often seen that huge amount of information is leaked, information theft and many other incidents of personal security being disrupted. Maybe you can be a little safer if you are a little aware of yourself. But we are human beings, so naturally we cannot be vigilant for life. Windows offers huge amounts of security software for huge sums of money which in turn occupy a huge chunk of the computer’s functionality. As a result, your elephant-powered computer can work on bulls. Again, the software may not recognize a new virus / malware. So the bull computer can lie down at any time — there is such a fear about security. Linux does not have that fear. Security updates are always running on Linux. Patches for any security flaws are available almost immediately. For that, another monster called antivirus can be saved from the virus. Linux requires a password to make small changes to system files / programs. No harmful program can do any harm to the system even if it wants to.

Almost all Linux software distributors have their own secure repository. The chances of malware being there are close to zero. And third party software is safe because it has its own website. Many Window's software has to be downloaded from various known and unknown websites on the Internet, in which malware is almost normal. Linux is the only reliable operating system to keep yourself safe and secure.

Linux can be customized and configured. This is one of the biggest strengths of Linux. I will arrange my system as I wish, everything will be at my convenience. All I want is just that. Linux file system is open. Everything follows a certain pattern. Although there is no previous idea, it is simple and straightforward, so anyone who spends a few hours with the file manager will be able to understand the general structure of the Linux operating system. It is important for a computer science student to understand the structure of his own operating system.

It is said that Linux is made by programmers for programmers. So programming-related tasks can be done very easily and naturally on Linux. To work in a language like C / C ++ or Python, you have to use different libraries at different times. These are very easy to install and use in Linux. All kinds of applications and software related to web technology from Linux are relatively easy to use. On the other hand, installing a library on Windows is a hassle, as is the hassle of using it (the matter is relative).

One of the great strengths of Linux is its command line. While this is one of its strengths, most people initially fear Linux simply because of this command line. But now the day has changed. A user can continue his work only with the graphical user interface without going to the command line for months. Another excuse for not using Linux before is that Linux does not have the necessary software. Now this excuse is not acceptable at all. Linux now supports everything from photo editing to super hit commercial animation movies. For example, Pixar Animation Studio uses Linux. With open source animation software ‘Blender’, they are giving away all the nice animated movies. But every experienced Linux user knows what a command line is. All the tasks on the command line can be done in a matter of seconds, which can take hours. Once you are familiar with Linux shells and shell scripts, it is possible to automate any task that can be done manually.

Linux's distributions are made for absolutely everything. After installation, the popular open source software GIMP for image editing, Inkscape for vector graphic editing, LibreOffice or OpenOffice as a whole office suite, Firefox as a browser, Nice as an email client, Torrent Client, as well as popular OpenSource. The command line editor is available in Vim, Emax or Nano. Since Linux is for developers, popular programming languages ​​like Python, JavaScript, Perl are pre-installed here. Installing other programming languages ​​is also a matter of command. Most programming tools are built primarily for Linux.

Another reason to use Linux is its use in student and professional life. If you want to study computer science and engineering, there is one or more courses called operating system. That course teaches the basics of an operating system. This course is done with Linux as the source code of Linux is open. As well as those who want to create an operating system, they have no speed without the Linux kernel. So you need to have a clear idea about the basics of using Linux. It is a must-have, for any Affiliate, promoting any program. You don’t have to be very skilled, you have to know the basic concepts use command line, basic and everyday commands, use a command line editor (VIM, Nano, Emax), use git in command line etc. Those who will be a system administrator or work with a server have a 90% chance that they must use Linux. Because most companies already use Linux servers for security. A large portion of those who don’t are also moving to Linux or are taking the initiative to do so. Microsoft itself also uses Linux servers. And the Linux server has no GUI, meaning graphical user interface. All the work of the server is done in the command line. There is nothing to be afraid of hearing it. The command line is as simple and fun as it sounds.

It turns out that those who are accustomed to using Linux are far ahead of others. When it comes to programming in Linux, you have to write a lot of commands (nowadays you may not have to do it all the time due to heavy IDE, but you have to do it in the beginning). Because of this they have to know a lot. What a fairly new Linux user programmer knows, a fairly experienced programmer using Windows does not know. The things that Linux users know, the things that they need to know — Windows users don’t know that, they will know. You can verify the truth of this statement with your own classmates.

After all, who will use what is a personal choice. I have tried to highlight some benefits of Linux here. If you find it convenient, you can take a break from the world of Linux. Hope you like it.

Freelancer Blogger and Writer. I am now studying CSE at Chengdu University Of Technology. Feel free to contact with me.

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